Dr Barnardo's Headquarters in Stepney Causeway
Dr Barnardo's Headquarters in Stepney Causeway
Dr Barnardo's Headquarters in Stepney Causeway
A view looking south down Stepney Causeway, Stepney, taken from near the junction of what was Hilton Street, showing the Headquarters of Dr Barnardo's.

There are people on the pavement and in the road. A horse and cart is travelling towards the camera just beyond a railway bridge that bears the words "Dr Barnardo's Homes, National Incorporated Association, now supporting over 7000 children, no destitute child ever refused admission". An enclosed footbridge links buildings on either side of the street.

The original Dr Barnardo Home for Working and Destitute Boys, which opened in 1870 at number 18 Stepney Causeway, is located on the right between the two bridges.

In 1871 a boy named John Somers, better known as Carrots because of his red hair, was refused admission due to a lack of beds and consequently died of hunger and exposure. Barnardo vowed that this would never happen again and as result, in 1874, opened the first of his 'open all hours' shelters at number 10 Stepney Causeway. These were also known as 'Ever Open Door Homes'.

Later expanding into number 8 and then moving to number 6, these buildings can all be seen in the foreground on the right. Steps lead up to the entrances and a lamp hangs from the wall.

On the opposite side of the street, joined by the bridge, is Her Majesty's Hospital for Sick Children, which was erected on the site of numbers 13-19 Stepney Causeway and opened in 1889. Various Barnardo buildings were constructed in the surrounding streets including Bower Street.in 1969

In 1969, Barnardo's left this sprawling, historic site and relocated with its headquarters in Barkingside. The buildings in this photograph have all been demolished and the area has been redeveloped as the Pitsea Housing Estate.
London Metropolitan Archives
LCC Photograph Library
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