View of Hardess Street
View of Hardess Street
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View of Hardess Street
View of a part of a two-storey terrace with shops in Hardess Street, Herne Hill, on the corner with Hinton Road.

A corner shop, G.W. De Gerden newsagent and confectioner, advertises R. Whites Hot Drinks and Cadbury's Chocolate. There is also a poster promoting a concert. Newspaper racks hang on either side of the door. A newspaper hoarding for the Evening News carries a headline WHAT THE LONDON TERRIERS ARE DOING.

To the left of the door are three children. A boy wearing a cap looks away from the camera, and a girl in a hat is standing by a pushchair with a baby. Three men stand by the door looking at the camera, one holding the hand of a boy, who in turn is holding the hand of a small girl wearing a bonnet. Three older boys standing on the kerb are looking at the camera, all wearing caps, and two in starched white collars. Behind them a woman in a large hat looking at the camera is pushing a baby in a pram, and with her is a girl also looking at the camera.

The shop to the left, the ground floor of a three-storey building, has a number of large milk churns at the front, and the window has lettering, PURVEYOR OF PURE NEW -I-K. A small girl in a smock dress is looking out of the door at the camera. On the side wall on the second floor are two signs for BEECHAMS PILLS.

To the right a two-storey building with two signs on the wall for 'Stephens', also to the left of the door a sign 'J. Wright Ladies Boots 1/6d'. On the side window an advertisement for NUGGET POLISH, and above is a sign for a builder and decorator.

A small section of Hardness Street still exists, but the section depicted is now Welfit Street and the site of these shops is now a Tattoo Parlour and Scrap Metal Dealers.
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