View of Ovington Square
View of Ovington Square
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View of Ovington Square
View of 33-43 Ovington Square, Kensington. 33 is on the right and is part of a Grade II listed stucco terrace; listing number 1066550. 35 Ovington Square is at a right angle to the terrace and is Grade II listed; listing number 1357158. 37-43 Ovington Square, on the left, is also Grade II listed; listing number 1066551. Both were built by William Willmer Pocock from 1844 to 1850 for Elizabeth Standerwick; also known as Baroness Von Zandt. Typical nineteenth-century architecture with many interesting features including Doric columns at the open porches, a stone balustrade at the first floor and iron railings around the basement areas. Number 35 is double-fronted, has blind windows on the side facade; and flowers on the balustrade. It also has a boot scraper on the bottom step by the right-hand column. This corner, and the boot scraper, can be seen from a different angle on image number 85873. The back view of number 37, with the glazed balcony, can be seen on image number 85872. Several windows are open, including the cars, which suggests that it was a hot day.
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