Buildings in Addington Square
Buildings in Addington Square
Buildings in Addington Square
View of buildings on the west side of Addington Square by Caldew Street, Camberwell. On the right is number 47-48, in the centre behind the tree are numbers 7-8, behind the truck are numbers 9-10 and on the left is number 11. An old couple and a woman and child are visible. Number 47-48 is the Talbot Settlement, a women's shelter founded in the 1880s to work with socially disadvantaged women through education and training and this building was opened by Princess Margaret in 1957. Numbers 7-8 and attached railings were Grade II listed in 1972; listing number 1376521. Numbers 9-10, which were first numbered 1-2 when the square was built in the early 1800s, were Grade II listed in 1998; listing number 1376522. Number 11 was Grade II listed in 1998; listing number 1376523. Numbers 47-48 and attached railings were Grade II listed in 1972; listing number 1376528.
London Metropolitan Archives
LCC Photograph Library
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