Cottages in Park Road
Cottages in Park Road
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Cottages in Park Road
This view shows a row of cottages on the south side of Park Road at the centre of the historic village of Hampton Wick in the correspondingly named conservation of Richmond-upon-Thames. Most are believed to have been built during the mid-nineteenth century and are listed locally as Buildings of Townscape Merit. Number 51 with the protruding frontage is a house built to infill the space between Albion House, part of which can be seen to the left, and Ivy Cottage, built by Thomas Dale and James Sabine respectively c1850. Number 51 was built on a fan-shaped plot and its footprint increases in width to the rear of the house. The taller house at number 55 is Ravensholme, believed to have been built in the garden of Ivy Cottage in 1891. Beyond at 57-59 is Clarence Cottages, built by George Constable in 1850, and the detached house at number 61 was built in the 1930s. A solitary Morris Minor saloon can be seen parked in the street. Beyond a concrete lamp post, which has since been replaced, a covered bird table can also be seen in the front garden of Ivy Cottage.
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