Shops and businesses in Carnaby Street
Shops and businesses in Carnaby Street
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Shops and businesses in Carnaby Street
A view of 43-47a Carnaby Street, Soho, looking towards the turning into Ganton Street, Soho visible on the far right of the photograph. The buildings with shop fronts are three and four-storey. At number 43 Carnaby Street on the corner by the turning into Ganton Street is the fashionable menswear shop Lord John which was opened by David and Warren Gold in 1964. The shop was at the forefront of 1960s fashion and famous customers included The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. In 2017 a plaque commemorating the famous shop was placed onto the side of number 43. The shop's name can be seen on the side of the building constructed out of large single letters. Until around the mid-1960s number 43 was a pub known as the Coach and Horses. Other shops and businesses in the photograph include a clothes shop called Pauls Boutique (the sign is visible above the shop) roughly at number 47 and another clothes shop at number 46 called '2nd. Gear'. A few doors along at number 45 is a shoe shop called Shoes By Topper and next door also at number 45 is the tobacconists Inderwick's. Various wares and goods can be seen displayed in the ground floor shop windows. Attached to the upper windows of the building housing the shop called '2nd. Gear', which is the only house painted entirely white, can be seen metal flower box railings. Various signs can be seen attached to the buildings including a large For Sale board and another with an arrow pointing to Nelsons School of English. Another sign above the shoe shop Shoes By Topper with the letters 'TOP' just visible above the For Sale sign contains patterns and design elements typical of the 1960s. On the far left of the photograph the remains of old shop sign frames can be seen attached to the upper part of the building at around number 47. The pedestrianised street is covered in coloured geometric shapes and by Ganton Street there is a modern lamppost containing two glass globes. Two street bollards can also be seen in the street. Three pedestrians are wearing clothing typical of the 1970s including flared trousers worn by the man in the middle. Also in the scene can be seen a cylindrical concrete rubbish bin by Toppos shoe shop. Since, an additional floor has been added to the three-storey building at number 44 by the turning into Ganton Street.
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