Rising Sun public house and shops in Royal Mint Street
Rising Sun public house and shops in Royal Mint Street
Rising Sun public house and shops in Royal Mint Street
Rising Sun pub and shops at 9-13 Royal Mint Street, City of London, looking west. On the left of the photo at number 13 is RT Ely’s shop, with an advert for Partington’s bill posting company on the side wall, which is in bad repair. Ely’s is a grocery but also advertises removals and White’s lemonade. There is a gas lamp outside the shop and a horse harnessed to a cart. A man’s legs are visible the other side of the horse. The Rising Sun pub is at number 12 and has adverts for Dewar’s and Claymore whisky. On its frontage are the pub name, “Whitbread’s Stouts & Ales”, “Wine & Spirit Warehouse” and the name William H Dalziel. There are two handcarts outside the pub. The pub opened in 1839 as the Sun; its address then was 7 Sharp’s (or Sharpe’s) Buildings. The pub was demolished in March 1915 and a new pub built in August 1915, called the Rising Sun, and its address became 12 Royal Mint Street. It was set back further from the road and Whitbread’s gave the empty strip of road to the London County Council. In 1916, Mr Selby next door at 11 took Whitbread’s to court and they had to provide support for his party wall. The pub was demolished in 1969. Mr Selby’s shop has a sign advertising dinners and teas and there is a horse and wagon outside. There are a horse and wagon and horse and cart outside the two shops at numbers 10 and 9, another horse to the left of these and a cart carrying barrels to the right of these. Several piles of horse manure are lying on the street. In the background, some buildings at the junction of Shorter Street, Minories and Tower Hill can be seen. None of the buildings in the photo exist anymore. The island where they were situated is today occupied by two private universities, a language school and a business school.
London Metropolitan Archives
LCC Photograph Library
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