Sufferance Wharf and warehouses in Westferry Road
Sufferance Wharf and warehouses in Westferry Road
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Sufferance Wharf and warehouses in Westferry Road
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London Metropolitan Archives: LCC Photograph Library
View of front elevations of Victorian warehouse buildings at Sufferance Wharf, Westferry Road, Isle of Dogs, as seen from the River Thames.

Sufferance Wharf was part of the works owned by C. and E. Morton Ltd jam manufacturers which opened on Westferry Road in 1872 and were later taken over by Beecham Foods Ltd c1950.

A sign above the wharf buildings advertises 'Preserved Provisions Chocolates Confectionery'. Earlier photos of Sufferance Wharf show that some of the wharf buildings were once much taller but were reduced to three to four storeys.

There are signs of disrepair, with a number of broken windows. In the foreground are two wooden rowing boats. Attached to the wharf building is an old sign headed 'Warning to Craft'. The buildings were later demolished and tall apartment blocks built on the site in the 1980s.
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