Rates dispute by 173 East India Dock Road
Rates dispute by 173 East India Dock Road
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Rates dispute by 173 East India Dock Road
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London Metropolitan Archives: LCC Photograph Library
The Mayor, Councillor Charles Edwin Sumner leading the march of Poplar councillors to the high courts, 29th July 1921. The Poplar Rates Rebellion, or Poplar Rates Revolt, was a tax protest. It was led by George Lansbury, the previous year's Labour Mayor of Poplar, with the support of the Poplar Borough Council and in defiance of the government, courts and Labour Party. George Lansbury went on to be the leader of the Labour Party.
A replica of the banner seen here at the head of the march is part of the People's History Museum collection in Manchester, made in 1984 for use in a play about the High Court.
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