Building in Palace Green, Kensington Palace Gardens
Building in Palace Green, Kensington Palace Gardens
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Building in Palace Green, Kensington Palace Gardens
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London Metropolitan Archives: LCC Photograph Library
View of 1 Palace Green, Kensington Palace Gardens, Kensington. A large detached house which is Grade II* listed; listing number 1065945. It was built by the Arts and Crafts architect Philip Webb in the 1870s. It was a private house until 1957 when it was divided into flats and many features were changed. It is a brick house with large sash windows and a Gothic arch over the front door. The roof is steeply pitched and the chimney stacks are very tall. The window on the ground floor to the left has been inserted into the arched entrance which was originally used for horses and carriages, and led to the stable yard at the back of the house. A similar view was taken in 1958 (image number 85751) which shows a garage door there. An original gas lamp is on the right edge of the photo.
The morning/dining room had a frieze painted by Edward Burne-Jones which showed scenes from the legend of Cupid and Psyche from the William Morris poem version of the story. Other interior decoration was by the architect Philip Webb and artists from William Morris’s company ‘Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Company’. Views of the morning/dining room can be seen on image numbers 85920, 85921 and 85922. Unfortunately this decoration was lost when the flats were developed in 1957.
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