Jews' Free School, Middlesex Street: elevation
Jews' Free School, Middlesex Street: elevation
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Jews' Free School, Middlesex Street: elevation
SC_PHL_02_0209_74_12950 (Collage 179047)
London Metropolitan Archives: LCC Photograph Library
Front elevation of Jew’s Free School, Middlesex Street, Spitalfields (formerly Petticoat Lane) looking south east from junction with Sandy’s Row.

Four small boys are leaning against railings outside the school. A lady with a babe in arms is standing outside a shop with a sign at first floor level saying 'ANCIENT LIGHTS'.

‘Ancient Lights’ or the ‘Right to light’ is an English property law that gives house owners the right to receive natural light from and through a window if that particular window has been receiving light uninterrupted for 20 years. Once a person gains the right to ancient lights, the owner of the adjoining land cannot obscure them, such as by erecting a building, raising a wall or planting trees. The school closed in 1939 and neither of these buildings survive.
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